We also have a another dedicated website coming up on wix.com because me and friends will face facts that this website is not doing good. Promotion as it may through Facebook and Instagram this is not a very good music site or distrubtion site to have a cult follow cause of how its set up so we have to maybe discontinue. Zero followers and Zero Likes however Instagram:103 followers and 20 likes. See the confusion ?

Yet still if anybody wants to buy some music made beats from us I found a site. Called “Selz” where we can sell digital and physical music that we come up with right here in Albany so if anybody from Troy, Schenectady, Amsterdam or Colonie. Even better…anywhere wants some it will open up in mid-February 2k16. Yet shout out to my brother inspiring me to do this and to my squad,they have the equipment to make it work. Speakers,bass guitar ,turntables, synths, 808s everything  so hook up.  

You can us follow on Facebook- Shane Kyiretwie, Korey Bynum or Instagram- beatmaker 120-mine,zaysparxs -Xavier. My Snapchat is coming up soon so if anybody want hook us with just let us know. Peace.


The cost of a 2 min 50 sec beat is $14.99 and the cost of a min beat for the clubs or freestyles is $11.99.Friday and Tuesday sales-$10 for a beat, Two beats for $20.

  • So the mission is to build a following of 200 people to start it off serious. We know that to take it to another height we need to get a certain setting so for me and my DJ squad Xavier,Armando, and Korey to start it we might need to either 1.need to sell our music on a another site or our very own or 2.sell it on WP. so for anybody hoping to subscribe it might take awhile but for now were going chill about it…P.S. we also will accept international response so Bienvenido a, Benvenuti in, Bienvenue en, Yokoso i, Willkommen Zu, Huanying lai dao shanesbeatz featuring the GT Mixers

Before I get started let me just say that all I always want to do is show people in my city and BEYOND. How me and my friends can create something special. And create something truly DOPE. Welcome to “SHANESBEATZ” as the title says you know my name and know what Me and my friends love to make. My site is dedicated to sharing comments and concerns about what I do and with your support of your friends,family and music colleagues.Me and my friends can take our type of hip-hop to a whole another level. Our main objective is to just be young,vibrant entrepreneurs in the rap game online and for people to take note and give us a straight up chance to show what we can make. Leave any comments or likes